Firma Surimi


Paula Suárez aka Surimi was born in Xixón in 1990. Having studied illustration and graphic design, she worked in the advertising sector until getting fed up with it, at which time she started getting interested in the tattoo world, where she’s able to draw with more freedom and where people tend to value an original, specific style of illustration.

She loves being involved in different creative outlets and is always open to collaborations, the last one being a signet ring with a jewellery brand.

She’s toured regularly as a guest to Berlin, Paris, London and different mainland cities, and is currently working at the Cornelius tattoo studio in Madrid.

Arnau Sanz Foto


A thin Muji rotring, 0,35 mm I think and small notebooks… I’m more comfortable with small formats. Lately, through my work as a tattoo artist I’ve become used to the world of the ipad and digital techniques, which makes many processes easier, but at the same time occasionally I miss staining my hands with acrylics.


I love the aesthetics of 90s cinema, underground comics (I’m a big Daniel Clowes fan) and in general all illustration where I get the impression the artist has done whatever they wanted. Above all I value intimate loose strokes.


I’m especially into shoegaze, postpunk, dreampop… When I’m drawing regulars are “New Hell” by Greet Death, “Two of Me” by Momma, anything by Slowdive or a band from over here like Monteperdido for example.

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